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Auto Electrical

                              Why are my lights dim? How come my car stalls during

                    rainstorms? What’s that smell coming from my battery? Tonka Auto Center

               has seen just about every auto electrical problem you can imagine, including

            this one! “Car Talk doesn’t get all the good stories! One of our clients liked to

      nap in her car at lunchtime. Well one day, she forgot that she had a gallon of

 water in the back seat. When she reclined, she popped the water, which flowed

under the seat and short-circuited the seat’s control module. So she

   had it towed over here, I fixed it, and poked a little fun at her about

           it and she says ‘I’ll never do that again!’ Six months later,

                  same car, same problem.” Now that’s an

                              auto electrical problem!

TONKA AUTO CENTER (763) 545 5282

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