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Auto Trailer Repair

                                                       Santa’s sleigh carries about 300,000 tons at 650 miles per second. Your auto trailer?

                                               Not so much. Especially if it’s not in good repair. Come to Tonka Auto Center for trailer repair

                                        and maintenance, even if you don’t need your trailer to deliver 400,000,000 gifts.


                         Bill tells this story about Trailers. “Jake and I were standing outside the shop when we heard this really loud,

                  continuous noise coming from a trailer. I said, “God I hope he doesn’t stop here.” And he stops here. The guy had just

               bought this trailer 2 miles up the road. When he heard the noise, he brought it straight to us.ᅠ Next day we jacked it up:

                   the brakes and wheels were totally screwed up. So I called the guy and I said, “The guy you bought this from,

                                                              he knew this was bad. You gotta go back after him.”


      “So he went back after the guy and the guy called me and wanted to know why I thought he was dishonest

   and I said ‘Hey, I’ve been in this business long enough and fixed enough trailers to know this didn’t happen

 in 2 miles. Something happened to this trailer, and it broke down someplace, you were trying to get

  home and somebody tore this apart so you could get home.’ There was a long silence. Finally he

        said, 'Well, yeah, my breaks locked up and the repair guy said he fixed it.’ So I said, ‘No, your

                repair guy tore it apart to unfreeze your breaks. It’s still broken.' Once he understood

                         that the other repair guy hadn’t really fixed the problem, he paid for it.”

TONKA AUTO CENTER (763) 545 5282

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