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Light Auto Welding

Welding tiny little lights together for decorations is not what we mean. By light welding we mean

repairing exhaust systems, or springs, or perhaps something like this story. “I was closing up one evening

and had to get ready for a funeral. A guy comes rippin’ in here, never seen him before, and says,

’you gotta help me.’ ‘Well,’ I say, ‘what do you need?’ ‘I gotta have this welded. Somebody told me you’d weld

it for me.’ So I asked, ‘what do you need welded?’ He pulls this broken seat bracket out of his truck.

    Well, my first though was, ‘Isn’t there enough room for a case of beer behind the seat to hold it up?’

  which is what we used to do with a broken seat when we were kids. ‘No, it’s my dad’s seat, and we

need to get it fixed, we’re going out of town, it’s Friday afternoon …’ ‘OK,’  I said. So I quick get my

  welder out, start to clean it up and get ready to put it back together and he says, ‘Can you make

    it a little bit stronger than it  was?’ I look at him, he looks at me. ‘Is he … big?’ He says, ‘Yup.’

        So I put a gusset on there, welded it up and off he went, very relieved.”

                 Now that’s auto welding service; whether it’s “light” or not we leave to you!

TONKA AUTO CENTER (763) 545 5282

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